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    Well… I don’t how that is possible, but besides Indigo as my secondary color I own also a lot of Magenta. Usually my text for dating sites is like “I am a computer-science university drop-out, I have about 10000$ on my banking account, unusual social interactions and only one eye.” And somehow I believe that she will know that I am exactly the right guy for her.

    But since people here will probably understand what Violets – my primary color – are like I would will rather state that in the next decade I will probably make a major change in our education system possible to happen (in sort of Sir Ken Robinson style). Somehow I would feel terribly imprisoned if I would not be doing that. Not very many people have understanding for my way of thinking or perception and a good much older friend of mine told me that I will be happy if I find a woman who would tolerate this kind of lifestyle. I think that if she would tolerate this part of my life, it would be rather sad. So I rather prefer to wait a few years to meet a woman that actually feels this similarly… so it would be uniting instead of splitting.

    Yeah, and during the last year I have more and more feeling that I will be rich enough to have a very big house where I will have a smaller part for my family and the larger portion of the house will be used for accommodating university students, young people migrating into the city for new life opportunities and foreign students visiting the country. And I will do my best to create a household culture where people will be able to joyfully share there opinions, experience or just have a nice place where to get relieved at the end of the day.


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    If you find my profile interesting and feel we have something to be said… just send a message.

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