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Crystal, Lavender

ANOMALOUS, in MOST areas of life! I'm the type who likes the "B4" photo in a weight loss ad! :) I am an "OLD" soul. I'm an INFJ (Myers-Briggs), which, they say is only 1% of the population. Well, knowing myself, & my UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE on life, I would say that sounds about...

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39 / Man

Yellow, Violet

I live in Ireland and found Pam's radio show in 2008. I've listened to almost every show, read the Life Colors book and had some phone sessions with Pam. She's enabled me to get in touch with my true self and I feel *incredibly* lucky that she's out there doing...

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35 / Man

Lavender, Violet

i am here to be healed


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Yellow, Blue

Hello everyone!! n.n my name is Shila (pronounced Shy-la)!! :) I am a mother, artist, and I am always looking for new friends. I enjoy reading, mainly fantasy and sci fi books. I play DnD, game, and enjoy most other nerdy activities lol x3 I enjoy almost all kinds of...

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28 / Woman

Yellow, Logical Tan
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32 / Man

Violet, Environmental Tan

I work as a massage therapist and am truly passionate about my practice.

I have a burning desire to travel and experience everything life has to offer me.

I enjoy meeting and spending time with purpose driven people but may seem aloof until I...

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Blue, Sensitive Tan
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65 / Woman

Violet, Blue

Caring, intelligent, like to laugh, love animals and nature. Just started a garden. My hobby is songwriting. Would love to find a co-writer or at least someone who appreciates similar music (MOR, pop, country, classical) I lived off grid for 11 years and loved it. Am in the city now...

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52 / Woman

Yellow, Violet
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18 / Woman

    Insecurity and pessimism can hinder the higher development of those born during the Cusp of Sensitivity who travel the Way of Experience. My personal sensitivities can cause me to withdraw from the challenge to open myself to wider life experience and explore the nature of my limitations versus...

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20 / Woman

Lavender, Violet

My eyes can change into two colors; my right eye changes to a red while left eye changes to hazel.  I am engaged.  My spirit animal is a wolf, which is probably why I love wolves and lycans so much.  I love to play video games such as Elder Scrolls...

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24 / Man

Yellow, Violet

I like to have fun and not take things seriously. I also want to change the world though. How exactly I am not sure of, but I have lots of ideas! I want to learn and do lots of things, such as acting, dance (old fashioned stuff, breakdancing, solo and...


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