About Life Colors City


Our mission is to provide a loving, sincere and supportive place for you to discover how to better understand and then empower yourself so you can live your greatest potential!

We offer you valuable information and insights into you and your world so you can live a happy and healthy life. Our intention is also to help you understand your life purpose, best life direction, relationships and more.

About Life Colors City

People come to the site to find answers and guidance about their life direction, relationships, career, health and more. We offer a unique approach to your life!
By first discovering your aura colors and what they reveal about you, you can create a life adventure that is authentic for you.

With founder, Pamala Oslie’s ability to see auras and her psychic work with thousands of clients for over three decades, she has a thorough of knowledge of each of the aura color personalities. She has developed the free aura color quiz to help you discover your colors.

She has also developed detailed information about every important area of a person’s life and has created a variety of presentations for you with – videos, audio and written content, shows and more.

There is so much support and guidance here for you. We have gathered up a variety of renowned experts in the fields of love, relationships, health, spirituality, psychology, physics, wealth and more to share their wisdom and insights with you. You can receive valuable advice from them on Pam’s radio show. You can even find love and meet new friends here! Pamala discovered that certain aura color personalities are much more compatible than others, so she developed Love Colors Dating. Once you fill out your profile, you are matched with people who have compatible aura colors and share your common interests. You can also browse the entire Love Colors membership on your own to make your own connections. Understanding other people’s aura color personality can give you better insight into them before you make contact.

You can connect and chat with communities of like-minded people in the Forum.

We are continuously adding radio interviews, podcasts, articles and more to the Life Colors City to make sure you have as much information and support as you can to create the life you desire.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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