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Crystal, Lavender

ANOMALOUS, in MOST areas of life! I'm the type who likes the "B4" photo in a weight loss ad! 🙂 I am an "OLD" soul. I'm an INFJ (Myers-Briggs), which, they say is only 1% of the population. Well, knowing myself, & my UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE on life, I would say that sounds about...


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Lavender, Yellow

Hello. I am french and I live in the Paris area. As a big, tall Violet, I may seem (very) intimidating at first glance. That's why I have put a picture of me wearing a wig, lipstick, and granny glasses to mellow my appearance. 🙂 I am kidding. No, I am not gay...


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Blue, Violet

I was married for 18 years and learned a lot, the poor girl paid the price for your future bliss. I've been single long enough to know that I no longer wish to be. I'm not the playa type and thanks to a great mother I'm chivalrous and treat ladie's...


42 / Woman

Yellow, Violet

28 / Woman

Red, Blue

Better to ask me so we have something to talk about...


35 / Man

Violet, Indigo

Well... I don't how that is possible, but besides Indigo as my secondary color I own also a lot of Magenta. Usually my text for dating sites is like "I am a computer-science university drop-out, I have about 10000$ on my banking account, unusual social interactions and only one eye."...


41 / Woman

Red, Green

I am bubbly, romantic, fun loving, outgoing, adventerous, sweet natured, resourceful and ambitious. I am a radio & television personality and a filmaker. I love to travel and to read. Most of all i love meeting new people. What makes me unique is my smile. I am always happy and...


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Blue, Green

I do my best to enjoy life and I don't know how to start this but i guess I would just give it a try. I am an easy going man with a wonderful sense of humor. I'm romantic, fun to be with. I don't spend much time on here...



Violet, Crystal

Boho, love animals and trying new things, introspective & yet exuberant, too! Bright, smart, loyal. Worldly - lived & worked in foreign countries. Entrepreneur.....loving and fun.


28 / Man

Blue, Indigo

honestly my blue aura can explain everything 🙂


39 / Woman

Violet, Magenta

Albanian woman who the world raised- artistic mama- playful soul - boldly spontaneous - wisdom seeker- yin yoga lover- always looking out the window wanting to be somewhere else in the world - culture admirer ...


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