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31 / Woman

Yellow, Blue

Hello everyone!! n.n my name is Shila (pronounced Shy-la)!! 🙂 I am a mother, artist, and I am always looking for new friends. I enjoy reading, mainly fantasy and sci fi books. I play DnD, game, and enjoy most other nerdy activities lol x3 I enjoy almost all kinds of...


21 / Man

Blue, Sensitive Tan

24 / Man

Lavender, Yellow

I've tried OkCupid, and thats not working out, so I figured I might as well give this a try. I love to make people happy, I have a stupid sense of humor. Good taste in music is important to me. I love games and screwing around.


23 / Woman

Lavender, Violet

My eyes can change into two colors; my right eye changes to a red while left eye changes to hazel.  I am engaged.  My spirit animal is a wolf, which is probably why I love wolves and lycans so much.  I love to play video games such as Elder Scrolls...


27 / Man

Yellow, Violet

I like to have fun and not take things seriously. I also want to change the world though. How exactly I am not sure of, but I have lots of ideas! I want to learn and do lots of things, such as acting, dance (old fashioned stuff, breakdancing, solo and...


28 / Woman

Red, Blue

Better to ask me so we have something to talk about...


34 / Man

Violet, Indigo

Well... I don't how that is possible, but besides Indigo as my secondary color I own also a lot of Magenta. Usually my text for dating sites is like "I am a computer-science university drop-out, I have about 10000$ on my banking account, unusual social interactions and only one eye."...


45 / Man

Blue, Violet

23 / Woman

Violet, Blue

Hey! Well, my goal really is to save the world. Wanna join me? Currently already am on a spiritual path towards healing and soul evolution 🙂 see you at the end!^^


41 / Woman

Red, Green

I am bubbly, romantic, fun loving, outgoing, adventerous, sweet natured, resourceful and ambitious. I am a radio & television personality and a filmaker. I love to travel and to read. Most of all i love meeting new people. What makes me unique is my smile. I am always happy and...


62 / Woman

Indigo, Sensitive Tan

23 / Woman

Blue, Yellow

On a journey to discover myself and others. I have had a longing to be in nature my whole life. My dream is to eventually be off grid living in a self built tiny home. I enjoy the arts, such as theater and music. My family doesn't understand my need...


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