joanna garzilliOn Monday, January 19, 5:00 – 6:00 PM PT Joanna Garzilli “Unleash The Psychic In You: How To Trust Your Intuition for Successful Decision Making” will be the special guest on my radio show. Join us at or AM 1290 in Santa Barbara.

Joanna discusses the following issues:
* You Have All the Answers, So Why Can’t You See Your Blocks and Limitations?
* The Three Biggest Problems in Trusting Your Intuition
* Three Simple Techniques to See the Truth of a Situation
* Addressing Denial
* The Two Most Important Things You Must Do Now to Stop Future Problems
And more…

At thirty years old, gifted psychic medium Joanna Garzilli had lost everything she owned. With rock bottom self esteem and a codependent toxic relationship she was resigned to never having a successful career and meeting her soul mate. She couldn’t understand why her gift to successfully help others had become a curse in her own life. She thought because she could see spirit and communicate with those on The Other Side that everything she wanted would land in her lap. The breakthrough to her success was facing her fears and denials, conquering her low self worth, and finding the power to act upon her intuition and apply it to her own life. (The show will rerun on Sunday, January 25, 8:00 – 9:00 am PT)


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