I will be doing a Book Signing, Talk & Q & A for my new book “Infinite You”
On Thursday, May 29th, 6pm-7:30pm at
35 W. Haley St. Santa Barbara, Ca. 93101

I will discuss how we are far greater than we’ve been taught. We all have advanced abilities, those that exceed what most people believe are possible – some say they are impossible. Many of us are living proof that these enhanced abilities are real and natural, but few are telling us about them – until now. Quantum physics also has evidence that reality is stranger than we think and that these abilities are real.

I will discuss such topics as how to:
Create using pure energy
Develop your sixth sense, telepathy and intuition
See and feel energy fields (auras)
Use parallel universes to change your life
See other (past) lives
Talk to “the other side”

I hope to see you there. Join us for Organic Vegetarian appetizers.