Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap with Pamala Oslie

Are you experiencing yourself as the joyful and loving creator that you are? Do you feel you are living a magnificent and aware life? Or do you feel stuck and at the effect of outer circumstances? Are you ready for more? Are you ready to step up to a new level in your life?
It’s time to really live what is possible for you – for all of us. It’s time for us to live as conscious co-creators, to realize who we really are, and to finally learn how to use our true, magnificent powers.


There are BIG positive changes going on in the world – and you can be part of this shift. You can actually help with the transformation!


“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in it has in all the previous centuries of its existence.

– Nikola Tesla (1856–1943) futurist, inventor, engineer



We’ve heard from many spiritual teachers, scientific experts, and cutting-edge thinkers that a spiritual and consciousness transformation is occurring. So what form is this new, more advanced consciousness taking? How will life be different when you personally transform? You can experience some of this new life for yourself – right now! You can experience expanded awareness and a more amazing life now. An important step is right in front of you, if you choose to explore it. Are you ready to see what you are capable of doing and what else is possible?




With so much information offered to you by so many wonderful different teachers, I wondered what I could offer you that is different and that could greatly benefit you.

What I can offer you is this – I am actually living and experiencing greater skills – now. I am one (among many) who is living proof that we already have access to a higher consciousness and advanced abilities. We are much more than we’ve been taught and can live with greater freedom – RIGHT NOW!! I’m not just teaching you more theory. I am already experiencing the unusual skills that come with this expanded awareness! And I desire to show you what is possible for you too – to teach you how to go beyond your perceived limitations so you can be happy and really free to live at an elevated level in your life.


“The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.”

—Sir Arthur C. Clarke (1917–2008), futurist, science fiction author, inventor




We’re continuing to evolve. As babies, when we had developed enough to become mobile, we began crawling. Soon after, something inside us urged us to stand upright and walk. Why would we go from the stability of hands and knees, firmly supported on the ground, to balancing precariously on wobbly legs and two tiny feet? Intuitively we must have known that it was time for more: we sensed that walking would ultimately give us more freedom, more fulfillment, and greater experiences than crawling. We somehow knew that walking would improve and expand our lives. Actually, all our advances seem to have the same goal: more freedom, more ease, and more fulfilling experiences.


Just as the ability to stand and walk was always within us, and we eventually reached the stage when it was time for that ability to surface, something magnificent within us is now emerging. We are transforming. It’s time to evolve and go beyond our currently accepted limitations.


I believe we are already in the process of evolving into a more highly developed species, one with a superior level of awareness and enhanced abilities. Or it may be that we are finally waking up to our true nature and realizing that we are exceptional beings. I’m seeing evidence of it everywhere. People are shifting around the world. We’ve lived too long thinking we’re just little pawns on the chessboard—and acting as if we have little or no power. It’s time to see that we are much more. Because so many people have been demonstrating unusual and advanced abilities, it’s time to reassess our definition of human being and live our greater potential here and now.




We’ll explore our emerging Quantum powers, intuition, telepathy, parallel universes, quantum physics, experiencing self beyond time, how mind affects & creates matter, and more. Discover how to actually live your true powers and abilities as an Advanced Quantum Human.

You’ll also discover, in easy-to-understand terms, what Quantum Physics is saying about you and the true nature of reality. Learn how implementing these profound Universal principles can dramatically change your life!


“The transition from classical to quantum physics marks a genuine revolution in our understanding of the physical world.”

– Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


You are far grander than you realize. Being a human being doesn’t mean you are a weak, limited bio-machine who must struggle to survive and who will only have greater freedom and enhanced abilities once you escape your physical body at the end of your life.

You are an unlimited being now, someone with greater senses and abilities that extend beyond the known, but limited, three dimensions that are so familiar to us.


You’ll discover how to access and live your true Quantum powers and abilities! This is an experiential and interactive workshop! The more you immerse yourself and experience your own expanded skills, the more real and natural they will become for you.


Develop the ability to use thought and energy to affect matter, manifest your desires, heal your body, influence the weather, and more.


Learn the Universal principles in quantum physics and how to apply those to your life, rather than be ruled by past beliefs and concepts that limit you.


Deepen your intuition, sixth sense, and telepathic abilities to improve your life and the lives of others around you. These abilities can increase your level of trust, insight, compassion, and self-confidence.


Learn about parallel universes, and how to easily and intentionally move into different ones to dramatically change your life.


Experience stepping outside of time so that you aren’t restricted by the old, limited concept of time. Learn how this can also help you make important choices in your life.


Discover that you are a multidimensional being. See other lives, also called “past” lives, to help you understand how they influence this life, how you can alter those influences, and how they can help you understand and improve the interactions you have with other people in your current world.


Learn how to communicate with guides so you can receive wisdom and guidance; and to connect with loved ones who have crossed over to the other side to help you heal from any pain from loss and to stay connected with them. Both abilities can give you a broader perspective of life and “reality.”


Sense energy fields, or auras, to help you better understand yourself, and to know significant information about other people in your world.


You’ll learn all this and more…


You can choose which methods and skills resonate with you and use those to create your greatest visions.


These are all natural human abilities. If we have these valuable talents but we don’t develop them, we are like birds trapped in a cage whose beautiful wings are useless. We yearn for a better life, all the while ignoring what we are fully capable of accomplishing now. We have the keys to move beyond the cage and create a more wondrous life for ourselves.






To paraphrase Albert Einstein, we cannot solve a problem from the same level of thinking, with the same mind, that created the problem in the first place. He said, “A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.”


So according to Einstein, in order to change our lives and our world, we need to change our thinking. Our understanding of who we are, our capabilities, how we interact with each other, and what we can accomplish all have to evolve.


If enough of us were to courageously step beyond our familiar boundaries, embrace this new information about the nature of reality, and fully activate our own advanced thinking and capabilities, we would open the way for others to do the same, which could lead to a vastly different understanding of the world and an entirely new way of life.


This is the way transformation has happened throughout history: brave explorers and mavericks are always the ones who break through old thinking and reveal what’s possible for the rest. If we all support one another in developing these advanced, but natural skills, we can create a better life for everyone.


Because thousands of people are stepping forward now who have developed these unusual abilities, we can no longer ignore them or declare them flukes and aberrations. If even one person can demonstrate these advanced skills, don’t we have a responsibility, an obligation, to see what is going on? Isn’t it possible that humanity could benefit by exploring these abilities more closely and discovering what is truly possible? I believe developing our greater senses and abilities can change the world!







IMAGINE living a happy and fulfilled life because you know how to create everything your heart desires with ease.

IMAGINE how you will feel when you learn to trust your intuition and inner guidance so completely that your life is relaxed and easy.

IMAGINE feeling total love and compassion for all beings because you know how to make a deep soul connection with all of life.

IMAGINE what your life will feel like when you are no longer affected by fear or self-doubt.

IMAGINE living in a world where we love and support each other, rather than fight and compete; where we don’t experience scarcity, conflict or greed because we know the universe is infinitely abundant and we can create anything we desire.


Does this all sound too good to be true? But all this and much more is actually possible!



The fact so many experience advanced abilities proves that there is more to us than we’ve been taught, and the fact that many of us use these skills to benefit others as well as ourselves shows there are good reasons to develop them.


Cultivating these skills generates deeper love and a stronger sense of connection. I know that has been my experience. Since I began using these abilities my inner peace, trust, and joy have increased considerably. Developing any of these abilities can dramatically improve the quality of your life. On a personal level, it can make you more insightful, compassionate, and empowered, and better able to trust yourself. Globally, it can improve our understanding, trust, and relations with one another and help us create better, life-enhancing solutions for the world.



It doesn’t matter where you are in your personal or spiritual development, or what level of consciousness you’ve already reached – this can bring you to the next level.


Whether you’re already advanced or just beginning your exploration into consciousness, this two-day Intensive is designed to bring you to a more expansive experience of life, to take you to your next level of development. You will be offered many different tools and shown a variety of methods to help you shift your life. You can choose which methods resonate with you and use those to create your greatest visions. You can save the other abilities for a future time, if you desire.


The energy that is generated in a group always enhances these capabilities and experiences. It may be easier for you to access your own abilities when you see others demonstrating that they are real. Some people may be more proficient with some of these skills, just as some are more adept at being athletes, musicians, or artists. But all of us have the capacity to learn each one.


These inherent abilities exceed what most people believe are possible, and some would say they are impossible. So many people have already been experiencing life beyond the accepted three-dimensional boundaries, however. Many of us are living proof that these advanced abilities are real – right now. If so many of us are already experiencing this advanced level of consciousness, everyone can.


Crystal - meditator



Why is it a good idea to explore our potential and develop these superior skills? These abilities offer us:


♥ More freedom. We can use them to go beyond our perceived limitations and become happier, more loving, and more empowered beings. We have limited our self-expression and life experiences by believing we are incapable or helpless. We are capable of more.

♥ Makes life easier. Once we understand how the universe really works and the true principles of creation, we can design our lives with little or no effort.

♥ Reduces fear and eventually stop pain and suffering altogether. Once we tap into our deeper guidance, we can become more trusting, self-confident, and joyful. Once fear melts away, hopelessness and suffering can also dissolve.

♥ Creates more compassion, love, and understanding in the world. Once we understand and experience our connection with everyone and everything, we will know that there is no need to judge anyone, including ourselves, and love and acceptance can flow more freely.

♥ Improve our health and well-being. Once we trust our true connection with the Source of life, once we tap into our inner guidance and learn to follow it, fear and stress diminish. Living stress-free lives can prevent illnesses and accidents.

♥ Improve the world and live with global abundance rather than hunger, poverty, and scarcity. When we understand the natural, creative principles of the universe, we can create with a sense of infinite possibility rather than constrict in fear and limited thinking.

♥ Create with unbounded freedom and joy.


Using our powerful but inherent skills can make life easier, provide more freedom, and appear just as magical as flying across the country would have seemed to those who lived centuries ago. We just need to understand these new concepts and start incorporating them into our lives. Quantum physics has already altered our lives by giving us most of our new technologies (smart phones, computers, television, satellites, and the list continues) but now it’s time to see what it reveals about us. What are we disregarding today and how are we continuing to limit ourselves because it seems unrealistic or too fantastic to believe?


While some physicists want to dismiss these extraordinary abilities as unimportant anomalies or label them as delusions, other physicists are looking into these capabilities more seriously. These physicists know historically how often accepted scientific “facts” have eventually been proven wrong, and they are therefore more willing to research these previously discounted areas attributed to consciousness. They know quantum physics offers radically different and counterintuitive information about the nature of reality.


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Personal Note to You:

My goal in presenting this Two-Day Intensive is to enhance your life experiences and to add more joy and enrichment to the world by sharing news of what is possible for all of us. I choose to believe in love-based principles and empowering beliefs that can help us experience more trust, self-sovereignty, and fulfillment. After decades of living with enhanced abilities, exploring spiritual principles, and delving into quantum physics, I’ve discovered that there is more to reality and who we are. I’ve also experienced much more freedom, love, and joy in my life because I’ve developed these advanced abilities. So I’m sharing this information with you in the hope that it will inspire you to live a more an amazing life.





Some may claim that these abilities sound like “magical thinking.” Based on our current understanding of reality and our definition of human, these abilities can certainly seem magical. But many things once classified as magic are now considered commonplace and real. The only reason people may think these powers are unrealistic or not possible is that they haven’t understood the natural laws and principles behind them, or used them—until now.


To show you there is logic and science behind these skills, we’ll discuss the physics and the technology that supports their existence. Quantum physics is proving these abilities are real. Understanding some of the basic scientific principles may help you trust they are, in fact, real and make you better able to develop your own abilities.


If you’re ready to expand your life, join us and discover your greater senses and abilities and see how they can change your life – and the world!


Here’s to us taking a QUANTUM LEAP together!!!



With positive visions for a loving and amazing present and future!

Pamala Oslie


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