A New Year’s Resolution for the Blue Aura Color Personality


Teacher Helping StudentsYou Blues are emotional, nurturing, and supportive. Your priorities are love, spirituality, and helping others. People usually turn to you Blues for comfort and counsel. You are very loyal to your families and friends, and love to be in love. You live from your heart and tend to cry easily. You’re also very intuitive, even psychic. You Blues are often teachers, counselors, nurses, volunteers, and caretakers. You usually feel guilty saying no and therefore tend to over commit yourself – putting everyone else’s needs before your own.


New Year’s Resolution: I commit to allowing myself to say no; and to love and care for myself as much as I love and care for others without thinking I am being selfish or inconsiderate. By allowing my own “cup” to be full, I am better able to overflow love and kindness onto others. I trust that other people’s SOULS know what they are doing so I can allow them to take care of themselves and figure out their own lives.




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