I would LOVE to hear what you all have to say about this!!!

Where do you sense the world – and we are headed? I’m curious to learn what others are seeing and believing about our future. Are you optimistic? Do you feel that things are getting better or that they’ll get worse before they get better? Are there more doomsayers out there or optimists? And if you’re optimistic – what are you sensing???

I’d love details – even if people have visions of any new technology coming, or how we’ll be living or what our bodies will be like, and what the earth will be like? Will it just continue this way – more of the same? I think it would be fun to hear about the visions that are circulating. AND I know some of you are working with “teachers” who are talking about where we’re going. I’m just so curious what you see, think and feel. I’m so busy writing and doing projects that I don’t know what some of the others are teaching. Do any of you have some interesting things to share – things you’ve heard or sensed yourself? Like – what is the best quote you’ve heard from someone you respect about our lives??

(I know, for just a little example, that they already have a roll up gel type of mat that you’ll be able to put on any wall in your home to watch TV on. People are so creative. I wouldn’t know where to start coming up with an idea like that.) I believe we’re headed for being more telepathic. What do you think? Sometimes it’s fun to just play with everyone and share ideas and information. These are real questions that I have. Thanks for sharing!


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