Aura Color Personalities & Pets
People have asked about pets and aura color compatibility so this is what I’ve observed over the years.
Generally, but not always, these are the pets found with the different aura colors personalities:
Yellows like dogs and dogs like Yellows. Both are fun and playful. Both love to exercise and run around outdoors. Physical and affectionate Yellows enjoy dogs because they are also physical and affectionate.
The intuitive and home-loving Blues often prefer cats. Cats also seem to love being around spiritual energy. I wonder sometimes if that’s why you see pictures of witches with cats. And since cats are more self-sufficient, maybe it’s easier for Blues – who always seem to have their hands full taking care of everyone else – to live with cats? Maybe?
Greens (and some Tans) don’t always like the mess, extra work or expense of having animals in the house. But those pets who do share a home with Greens are sure to be pampered and live in style. And Tans will be responsible and take good care of their furry housemates – unless the medical expense of an older pet becomes outrageous, then there can be a moral inner conflict.
Violets can have either cats or dogs, but many also prefer global, exotic animals. The challenge for Violets, who love to travel, can be not wanting to leave their beloved pets behind when they travel – so they often feel limited.
Crystals & Lavenders often have pet allergies. But if they do have pets, the animal needs to be quiet, affectionate, clean and low drama.
Indigos frequently psychically communicate with animals so they usually love all animals – especially global or exotic ones. They, like many sensitive personalities, often prefer and trust animasl more than they trust people.
The powerful Reds often have animals that can hunt with them or guard their homes. Or the sensual Reds like beautiful show pets.
Oranges are so on the go – traveling to scale mountains, to extreme ski or to jump out of planes – that having the responsibility of a pet can be challenging. They, like Yellows however, will often prefer the companionship of dogs.
Of course every person is different so the common preferences may not apply to you.


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