Your aura contains many different-colored bands. The one or two bands closest to your body reveal your priorities, methods of processing life, and primary purpose for being on the planet. These are your Life Colors, the aura colors described in this book. These bands do not usually change. The outer bands of the aura, however, frequently change colors and positions, reflecting what is happening with you at a given time.

For simplification, I have categorized the Life Colors into three families: the physical colors, the mental colors, and the emotional colors.

Those with physical colors process information predominantly through their physical bodies, through touch. These colors include Red, Orange, Magenta, and Yellow.

Those with mental colors process life intellectually, by first gathering information, then analyzing it. These colors include Logical Tan, Abstract Tan, Sensitive Tan, Environmental Tan, and Green.

Those with emotional colors process life primarily through their feelings, emotions, and intuition. These colors include Blue, Violet, Indigo, Lavender, and Crystal.

Some Life Colors are predominantly in males; others are predominantly in females. The use of “he” or “she” throughout the book, however, is usually arbitrary.

I believe that, on a deep level, we have all chosen our Life Color. However, we are not restricted to living only within our colors. Choosing to come into this life with particular Life Colors does not mean we cannot experience the qualities, purposes, priorities, and methods of other Life Colors. Although we have our original Life Colors, we also continuously add other colors into the outer bands of our auras. Through years of working with people, however, I have discovered that people cannot usually ignore or discard the attributes of their original Life Colors without experiencing a sense of disconnection, confusion, and disharmony within themselves. Most people need to fulfill their original Life Colors before they can expand to the other colors. They must first love and accept who they are before they can satisfactorily experience the qualities of the other colors.


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