BLUE/VIOLET Aura Color Combination – How to Create Inner Harmony

A Blue/Violet aura color personality doesn’t usually experience as many conflicts as some combinations do. (I use “her” here – but it applies to males as well.)

Because Blue and Violet are both in the emotional family, they are both very loving and compassionate. Violets tend to be stronger personalities than most Blues, however. They don’t cry as easily and do not react to situations as personally as Blues do. Both colors care deeply for people and have intense feelings.

Blue/Violets may begin their lives predominantly as Blues, their main priorities being relationships, marriage, and family. They may begin their careers as counselors, teachers, parents, or nurses. Their lives revolve around helping others. Sometime during their lives, they shift into their Violet aspects. Their homes, marriages, and families are no longer their main priorities. They still love them dearly, but feel drawn toward helping people on a greater scale. They long to write, continue their education, travel or become involved in humanitarian causes.

This transition can cause Blue/Violets considerable guilt and confusion. During this time they may even question their desire to be married to their current partners. (Just because someone doesn’t want to be married anymore does not mean she is necessarily a Blue/Violet Color Combination.) As Blue/Violets shift into this new phase of their lives, they develop a strong desire to do something very powerful, meaningful, or fulfilling. They also want more freedom to evolve. Blue/Violets need to know that they don’t necessarily have to abandon their families to follow their dreams. They just need to readjust their lives to incorporate their new desires.

A few conflicts can occur within this combination. The Blue aspect often fears the power and the potential of appearing arrogant of the Violet aspect. The Violet’s visions can seem too grand and overwhelming for the sensitive Blue. She wonders: If I’m that successful, will people still love me? If I become a powerful leader, will I outgrow my friends and family? If I become independent and powerful, will I move beyond a need for a significant relationship partner? The Blue aspect could suppress her Violet power if she fears she will be alone and unloved as a result.

An example of a Blue/Violet transition is the loving Blue counselor suddenly deciding she wants to start teaching group workshops, write a book, or produce a video so she can help more people on a larger scale. Other examples are a Blue/Violet teacher deciding to quit her job to travel around the world, learn about other cultures, and become a journalist; or the unassuming and charitable Blue who starts becoming more interested in money so she can have more freedom to travel or to pursue greater dreams. These new self-motivated desires can make a Blue feel selfish.

Other personality traits begin shifting from the Blue to the Violet. For example, the moral and monogamous Blue begins to become increasingly interested in passion or being with a more inspirational partner. All of a sudden, the loyal Blue finds herself considering extramarital affairs. The horror and confusion this can create is overwhelming. Often, affairs occur because the Blue is afraid to pursue her own Violet dream. She subconsciously hopes that focusing her attention on another relationship will fulfill this strange new impulse for change. After all, the Blue side of her always felt that a relationship would fulfill all her needs. An affair accomplishes very little, however. It only delays the feeling that she needs to do more with her life. To balance the increased drive for passion, she can instead channel her energy into her new Violet vision.

For both sides of this Color Combination to be happy, a Blue/Violet needs a loving, secure, and yet inspiring mate who will share her same dream, or to have the freedom to live on her own. She also needs a career that allows her freedom to travel or pursue her interests, and the ability to help humanity. Although money will never be her first priority, she needs enough to give her the freedom to accomplish her visions.

Although family will always be important, Blue/Violets will never be content to sit at home. They must feel they are contributing something of value to the planet, including exploring creativity through art, music, theater, photography, or writing as well as joining organizations that benefit humanity, animals, or the environment.

For Blue/Violets to stay balanced, they must learn to love, support, and trust their dreams and visions. Blues usually love and support everyone but themselves. They must learn to support the visions of their own Violet.


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