BLUE/YELLOW aura color personality – potential inner conflict and how to create harmony

In power, this delightful creature is loving, playful, cheerful, creative, and energetic. She helps people by bringing warmth and joy into their lives. These personalities are usually high-energy people. The loving nature of the Blue combined with the sparkling, creative, and energetic nature of the Yellow makes this combination a fun-loving, creative teacher or a gentle healer.

This color combination doesn’t experience many traumatic inner conflicts. Both Blues and Yellows are caring and generous people who are sensitive to the needs of others. Although Yellows can be rebellious individuals, both Blues and Yellows are people-pleasers — it is important to them bth that people like them.

Conflict can occur in a few areas. The Blue aspect is typically more emotionally serious, feeling that she must help people. The Yellow aspect rebels against the Blue’s intensity, believing that the most effective way to heal people is to show them how to have fun.

Because neither Blues nor Yellows make money a priority, this combination frequently experiences financial difficulties. Blues have a hard time receiving money for services, and money disintegrates in the Yellows’ hands. If Blue/Yellows can learn to love, honor, and respect themselves, finances will improve.

The four areas in which out-of-power Blue/Yellows can experience the most inner conflicts are relationships, sex, exercise, and children.

The Blue aspect wants an emotionally fulfilling, monogamous, and committed relationship. Although the Yellow aspect wants a playmate, she has a fear of commitment. Blue/Yellows can sabotage their relationships and not even be aware they are doing it. Blue/Yellows are frequently attracted to people who are not available — they are already married, live far away, or have a fear of commitment themselves. By falling in love with people who are unavailable, Blue/Yellows can feel the emotion of being in love, but escape the trap of commitment. The Blue aspect will often find a mate, but the Yellow aspect will run away to be free of the commitment. She frequently makes it appear that the other person has chosen to leave her, when in reality she is the one who has pushed the other person away through her fear of commitment.

The Blue has a hard time letting go of relationships; the Yellow is ready to move on because things aren’t fun anymore. Blue/Yellows frequently have multiple marriages or relationships. Blue/Yellows can help themselves by choosing mates who can laugh, play, and yet emotionally commit to them.

Sex can be another problem for this Color Combination. The Blue is very moral and monogamous. In order to sleep with someone, she must love that person. The Yellow believes that sex is a fun, playful experience that doesn’t need to involve serious commitment. Even if she is in a relationship, the Yellow can entertain the idea of having a playful, sexual interlude with someone. This can cause waves of guilt for the loyal Blue. If Blue/Yellows can stay balanced and channel their energy into physical exercise or creative projects, extramarital affairs can be avoided.

Exercise is another challenge for Blue/Yellows. The Yellow needs to stay physically active to maintain a sense of wellbeing and harmony. However, the Blue’s idea of exercise is walking to the end of the driveway. She is not motivated to exercise. When the Yellow aspect feels a need to exercise, the Blue aspect creates a hundred excuses why she can’t. Blue/Yellows who don’t exercise will experience low energy, depression, stiff muscles, and backaches. When they do exercise, they feel better. Setting up a regular exercise schedule is highly recommended for this Color Combination. Gardening is also a very therapeutic form of meditation.

The Blue/Yellow combination commonly experiences weight problems. The emotionally vulnerable Blue and sensitive Yellow put on weight either for protection or because they are feeling unfulfilled. In addition, when a Yellow is insecure and experiencing low self-esteem, her addiction to food, sweets, or alcohol can compound the problem. When Blue/Yellows feel good about themselves and stay physically active, weight is not a problem.
To stay balanced, Blue/Yellows must, first of all, stay physically active. Dance or exercise is imperative to their creativity, health, and joy. They must also keep a light and healthy perspective on relationships. The childlike Yellow aspect can add lightness to the emotional and moody Blue aspect and keep Blue/Yellows from becoming depressed or too serious.

Blue/Yellows can frequently experience dilemmas regarding career choices. Yellows, who really prefer not to work at all, want to change jobs constantly. Committing to one career is boring and restrictive. The loyal and committed Blues feel guilty abandoning their employers and coworkers. Blue/Yellows must allow themselves to have careers they enjoy. They want a variety of careers that allows them to have fun while being creative, being physically active, or helping people. Frequently, Blue/Yellows hold two or three jobs simultaneously, which allow them to have choices, be spontaneous, and not become bored. They must, however, make sure they also take time for themselves so they don’t become overwhelmed and exhausted.


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