Changing Your Beliefs

Pamala Oslie

When something in our life makes us unhappy, we often attempt to change the outer circumstances: quit the job, get a divorce, move to another city, go on a diet. We have been taught to fix things outside of us, when we really need to change our inner beliefs. If we don’t change our beliefs, we create the same circumstances again and again. When the same situations keep occurring, this only reinforces our belief that this is the only reality there is. It’s and endless cycle until we stop the process by questioning and changing our beliefs.

To change your experience, you need to change your beliefs. It does no good to try to change other people or outer circumstances because your beliefs will continue to create the same circumstances in your life. You can leave an unhappy relationship or quit an unpleasant job, but if you maintain the same beliefs, you will continue to attract similar situations and people no matter where you go. You simply can’t run away from you. Your life is a mirror of your beliefs.

For example, if you have a habit of choosing partners who are emotionally wounded, you will most likely continue this pattern until you change your need to rescue others. If you are not feeling appreciated at your place of employment, chances are you will experience similar circumstances at other jobs as well. This is not to say you should never change jobs or get a divorce; your job or your marriage may no longer support who you are. But you must realize that changing jobs or partners does not guarantee that you will solve your problems.

You can walk away from your current “mirror,” but you will still see your own reflection when you stand in front of the next one. You must change who you are in order to see a new reflection in the mirror.

Only when you change some of your beliefs before you enter into a new chapter in your life, will you create a new experience. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2014!


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