I’m very excited to have the fascinating Diane Hennacy Powell, PhD “The ESP Enigma: The Scientific Case for Psychic Phenomena” – Part 2  on my radio show!  You can hear her on Monday, Dec 8, 2014, at a special time! 9pm PT – after the ball game airs on www.LifeColorsCity.com and 1290 AM in Santa Barbara. Also learn about “The Telepathy Project”
Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell, a nationally prominent Johns Hopkins-trained neuropsychiatrist and former clinical instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School examines the evidence for many types of psychic phenomena, from telepathy and precognition to psychokinesis. Powell discusses her research on the telepathic and psychic abilities of autistic savants and shares information about her project “The Telepathy Project” that would further broaden her investigation into this area. She shares how you can help support this project! It’s in our hands to help support this important research to prove that psychic phenomenon is real! You can check out Powell’s website for more info on The Telepathy Project. http://dianehennacypowell.com. Please join us and hear her important information. (Encore presentation on Sunday, Dec 14, 8:00 – 9:00 am PT )


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