It appears that you have found some Violets right here – with some valuable advice. AND I know it can be challenging to find Violets because they’re on the perimeter of the wheel – living outside the box themselves. I agree with these voices here – very important to trust, develop, strengthen and listen to your own inner voice first. I also know many Violets want to find mentors and teachers. So first – ask and you shall receive. AND second, know that most teachers are Violets and Blues – so your odds are better than you know. Just be discerning and trust how you feel around the teachers that you do find. If they inspire you, learn from them. Just know that often you Violets outgrow your teachers – but they can offer words of wisdom in the meantime. Many writing teachers are Violets – just study with the ones you like and resonate with. If your intentions are strong and clear – they’ll show up for you. Move forward the best you can and find “pearls” where you can. You can string those pearls together – and have great information. In-joy! And trust. You’ll get there.


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