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    michelle dommer

    There is no doubt, I am crystal though and through, In fact finding this out was a relief as I did not know who I was or what I stood for, it changed with whoever I was around at the time. In fact I thought I was just so diplomatic that I could see every side clearly and could not come to a conclusion of my own, I did not take a firm stance on anything, it just depended on who I was around. I can relate and understand everyones view point it all made sense to me. I cannot tell you who I AM and what I believe because I do not know who I am and what I believe. All I know is being in public places or family functions make me SO confused and drained that I retreat to my home ALONE to fine peace again. In fact I hate being around people even people that I enjoy because I get so overwhelmed and weak the energy and excitement just kills me, I relish just being alone, it is comforting for me. I always thought I was antisocial or weird I could not understand why I just liked being alone and peaceful I thought I had problems but now I see, being a crystal is a gift that I must cultivate and get empowered because this earth and all the troubles here are direly in need of healing. Pam if you read this please let us crystals know how to come into our power and do good. My other color came up as lavender another healing color. I NEED DIRECTION I am so out of power.


    HI Balfour, My apologies for the delay in replying to you. There is so much going on in my life, it’s challenging to keep up with everything. It sounds like you have a good grasp on being a Crystal with Lavender now!!! You sound like you understand more clearly why you have felt the way you have throughout your life. I think that is amazing right there! It’s so important for you to honor your own soul and allow yourself to be quiet, meditative and reflective. One of the greatest values of a Crystal is sending healing energy out to the planet from your own private sanctuary. That is so valuable and is a great way to make a difference. If and when you have to go out into the world, it’s wonderful if you could learn to quietly send out loving and healing energy to all that you see. Staying centered, observing and remembering who you are and why you came (you’re such kind and sensitive healers) will benefit so many people. Then you access your Lavender creativity – what a great combination. Creating in quiet and with grace. You don’t have to fit in with everyone or live life at the same pace as they do. You have a different mission. Learning to quietly check in with your own soul and inner voice will tell you what to do at each moment. That is one of the best things I can tell you. Be still so you can hear your inner guidance. We need you loving Crystals and you sensitive and creative Lavenders. You know how to be quiet and peaceful inside (once you remember who you are and how to do that) and that energy alone helps all of us!! Bring quiet, centered love and awareness to all you do and you will be a blessing to all of us. (So many of us have so many projects to do and are so busy running around that it’s challenging for us to have inner peace. I am appreciative that you chose to be a Crystal & Lavender. I have more info in my book Life Colors and in my videos on my website. I hope that’s at least a small start. If you get really confused – you can also book a private session and we’ll look more deeply at your life. Thank you for being on the site and for connecting with me (and others) here. Best wishes to you and may you enjoy and appreciate your life adventures! ; ) In-joy, Pam Oslie

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