Gift ideas for Green Aura Color personalities
Greens are intelligent, strong-willed, goal-oriented and usually organized. They value wealth, quality products, intellect, and learning.
A Green will appreciate expensive jewelry (if you can afford it), fine clothing, or quality items for the home such as expensive pieces of art or furniture. Although most Greens prefer to select these items themselves or have their interior decorator choose them – so keep that in mind before you buy anything that can’t be returned. For those of you who have the means, Greens relish expensive dinners out or a nice 5-star hotel for the weekend. If they enjoy gambling (many Greens do) a trip to Vegas or Atlantic City can be a great gift.
Greens enjoy anything that challenges their mind and their intelligence or helps them learn – so if your Green’s taste is too high end and beyond your budget, you may want to consider finding something like a Sudoku or Crossword puzzle book.
Greens also often appreciate organizational items for their business, a quality brief case, high-end technology, or a subscription to Money Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine or the Wall Street Journal.
If you really want to impress your Green, a new car, a new house or an expensive vacation will do the trick. (Here’s a simple note to you – don’t ever let your Greens know if you bought their gifts on sale.)


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