Green Aura Color Personalities – Weight & Health Issues

When you Greens are in power and balanced, you are strong-willed, intelligent, quick and ambitious. You are movers and shakers and can accomplish anything you set your mind to. You Greens can be perfectionists, however, and don’t like losing respect for yourself by not being disciplined and in control. Typically you Greens will not allow yourselves to be overweight. (Green Combination colors, however, can have weight issues – Blue/Green, Violet/Green, Yellow/Green, etc) which can cause the Green great inner turmoil. You can become self-critical or even self-destructive, over-doing extreme diets and weight loss fads. In order to stay slim and great looking, Greens often create eating disorders.

Out of power (or out of balance) you can become stressed and affect many areas of your health. Your main problem areas usually are the stomach and internal organs. You worry so much that you have a tendency to develop ulcers, stomachaches, colitis, and intestinal problems. Because of this it is advised that you stay away from coffee or other stimulating substances. Although Greens like the energy stimulation of caffeine it can be devastating to your nervous systems as well as to your stomach. It is usually your only addiction. You believe you can get more work done after you have coffee. As the effects wear off, however, you can become irritable, agitated or sluggish causing you to think less clearly. At the end of the day, you Greens often enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages because it is one way you can calm down or shut off your incredibly active minds. Too much alcohol can create weight or health issues – and then you become frustrated with yourself again.

Having a tense body is common for Green perfectionists. With work and stress, you frequently experience a tight neck and shoulders. And you often become so worried and anxious that you forget to breathe deeply. A major challenge for Greens is learning to relax. You do not seem to know how to take time off or take vacations. You Green workaholics tend to take life and your financial problems very seriously, which can cause a greater frequency of heart attacks and even a high suicide rate.

To keep from experiencing health problems, learn to relax. Usually the only time you do relax is when you feel you are in control of your life. So it’s helpful for you to keep a list of things you want to accomplish then you feel more organized and in control rather than overwhelmed. It’s also a good idea to schedule time to do things you enjoy rather than always doing work-related tasks. Although you Greens can enjoy doing work-related tasks, overworking can cause stress. Many of you Greens enjoy yourselves with one-on-one competitive sports, on golf courses, tennis courts, the racetrack, or in casinos.

It’s important for you Greens to learn to appreciate your accomplishments rather than focus on the hundreds of yet uncompleted tasks. Being extremely busy can make you feel important but it can also cause stress-related health problems. You can ask yourself how important it really is that you have control over every situation. You can evaluate the severity of each situation to see if it really requires worry and concern. Realize that it may not be possible or even necessary to control every aspect of life. If you can learn to trust the process of life more often, life can prove to be more cooperative than you imagined.

One of the most important pieces of advice for you Greens is to remember to breathe. You can think more clearly and rationally (and live longer) when you breathe more deeply.


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