Holiday Gift Ideas for people with a Blue Aura!

Blue aura color personalities prefer gifts that show love, appreciation, and/or romance. BlueTeacher Helping Studentss are nurturing, emotional, spiritual, and caretakers. Anything that they feel really comes from your heart will touch them – even something simple like a romantic movie, a simple heart-felt locket, or a special dinner that you’ve lovingly prepared yourself. (Just remember to clean up after you cook – otherwise your Blue will take on the job.)

Other special gifts for a Blue include donating to their favorite animal or children’s charity, spiritual books, music, an engagement ring, jewelry with their children’s birthstones, romantic movie, or tickets to a spiritual event. Most Blues often have difficulty receiving so you don’t usually need to go overboard or spend too much – just find them something that comes from your heart. They also value having emotional connecting time alone with you – so spending quality time together at home or going on a special trip together could be one of the most valuable gifts you could give them. They don’t like having to drop hints or tell you what they want – they expect you know them well enough to know what they love (just like they intuitively know what to give or do for you.) For Blues, it’s all about love and spirituality.



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