How can I learn to develop my psychic & intuitive abilities?

There are basically five steps that are important:
1) Willingness to have these abilities. Some people are afraid of these abilities, afraid of what they might see or feel. You need to be willing to embrace the abilities.
2) Willingness to be quiet so you can hear a deeper voice.
3) Trust what you do hear, see or feel. We’ve learned not to trust ourselves – because we think we are not good enough or that we are bad – so we might disappoint or hurt someone.
4) Practice, practice, practice. We’ve learned everything by practicing – eating, walking, talking, reading, etc. So find ways to practice these abilities.
5) Gratitude. Acknowledge yourself for being willing to develop a greater part of you, and appreciate yourself when you do get intuitive insights right.

If you do want to learn more and/or practice these abilities – we’ve filmed one of my Psychic Development workshops and created both a DVD and a CD from that class. You can find out how to order them on my “Shop” page.

Currently, I have no future plans to teach this workshop, so hopefully you’ll gain valuable information from the DVD or CD that I have out now. And if you check back on my site often, I will announce if my plans ever change.

I’m also assuming that other people offer similar workshops around the world. If you find out about those workshops and would be willing to share the information with others, please post the information on my Blog. Keep in mind that I don’t know about these other workshops so do your own diligent research to find out about their quality.


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