If you are a Yellow/Violet combination (or a Violet/Yellow) for the most part, people with these colors do not experience much inner conflict. Yellows and Violets can be quite compatible — as long as your Yellow side is taking action to fulfill your Violet vision.

There are a few areas this combination may experience conflict, however. Your Violet grand visions and purpose on the planet can overwhelm and frighten your Yellow side, which prefers to have fun and be easy going. Your Violet visions can be so enormous that your Yellow side may fear your performance will be inadequate. You Yellows are often too shy or insecure to believe you could accomplish such feats, or you can’t figure out how to go about manifesting such a dream. Also, your Yellow side may resist the amount of work that may be required. When the Yellow aspect doesn’t want to work that hard or procrastinates because of fear, your Violet aspect may become frustrated and impatient. You Violets want to live your visions now. To hide out or procrastinate, your Yellow aspect may become entangled in negative addictions such as sweets, over-eating, alcohol, or drugs; or you may find other ways to hide out and distract yourself, such as staying too busy to get to your dream. This not only delays your Violet’s dream; it can blur your vision.

If the Violet side of you desires to accomplish a goal or move to a new level in life, but your Yellow aspect procrastinates because of fear you may experience a “wake up call.” Yellows do not like facing fears. So you may develop health problems because that’s the best way to get a Yellow’s attention – it’s a Yellow’s most effective wake up call. When your health suffers, you know something is wrong. The Yellow aspect must learn to trust and support your Violet side in order to manifest your visions. Your Yellow aspect will support your Violet’s vision if you believe it will be fun and creative or will help others.

If your Yellow aspect can stay physically active, healthy, and away from negative addictions, and if you can keep a sense of humor and find creative solutions to accomplishing your dream, then your Yellow/Violet color combination can be dynamic, loving, energetic, charismatic, and successful.


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