How to Create Inner Harmony with Your Aura Colors

Most of us have two main aura colors – or “life colors” that reveal our personality, life purpose, relationship styles, best careers, and more. You can sometimes experience inner conflict between your two different aura colors – then you can feel stuck or unhappy. I will describe some of these combinations, what conflict they can experience and offer a few tips how you can create harmony inside.

Because there are 14 different aura colors, I couldn’t list all of them. So I will begin with some of the combinations I know are reading these posts. If you want me to discuss your particular combination, let me know by posting your two main colors.

IF you don’t know your two main aura colors yet, you can take the free quiz to find out. Go to This is my way of supporting and inspiring you to live your happiest, most fulfilling life. It doesn’t matter which order I list the pair of colors – Blue/Green is the same as a Green/Blue, for example.

So watch for your aura color combination – and the colors of your friends and family as well! I hope it helps you in some way.


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