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The definition of magic: The power to apparently influence the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces; or an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source.

Many concepts are judged as “magical thinking” or supernatural – until we understand the natural principles behind them. For example, flight was once declared an unrealistic notion, something relegated to science fiction – until we discovered the principle of aerodynamics. Now flight is commonplace. The ability to fly has improved, expanded and enhanced our life experiences. We have more freedom and are able to accomplish much greater things – now that we can fly.

So what else can we do that may appear to be “magical” or unrealistic but is actually real and practical? What natural abilities do we all have but are not fully activating and experiencing? We are still holding onto old belief systems about the nature of “reality” that are severely limiting our true potential and our full experience of life.

Join Pam on the Life Colors City Teleseminars as she explores some of your natural abilities and shares how you can use them to live a freer & happier life. Life can be much easier if you know who you really are & how it all works.


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