Here is a tool you can use to help you make decisions. Think of a choice you need to make between two options. Now imagine you are at the apex of two different paths – paths that form a “V” shape, with one path going off to the left and one going off to the right. Imagine one of your options is on the path to the left, and the other option is on the path to the right. Then close your eyes and imagine walking down the path on the left – keep walking and walking and walking. Notice what you see and feel on that path as you keep walking. Make sure you walk far enough to get a real feel and to see what happens on that path if you go in that direction. Once you’ve walked far enough and you know how you feel and what you’ve seen, then return to the apex of those two paths. Now imagine yourself walking down the path to the right, and keep walking and walking and walking. Notice how you feel and what you see on this path. You’re soul or greater self knows which direction with make you happier and is ultimately better for you – and it can reveal that to you through this exercise. Doing this exercise you can see and feel your future – before you actually make a choice and physically move forward.


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