My friends see auras, but they see different colors than LifeColorsCity describes.

Many people see and sense the same aura colors that Pam does, and they interpret the meanings of those colors in the same way. However, there are also people who see and experience the auras 
differently. Some healers sense a different frequency – for example, 
they see holes or rips in the aura. Pam hasn’t seen those in the aura, 
but she knows that others do. Some people see the “emotional” qualities in the
 aura – the colors that change with the person’s feelings. Pam sees those changing colors in the outer bands of the aura.

Most Kirlian cameras
 measure the emotional frequencies around a person rather than the 
”life colors” that Pam sees. We may each have a different experience of the aura, just like we
 often taste foods differently than one another, or have a different
 experience and understanding of spirituality. We each have different 
experiences and interpret life differently – for example how we see politics, nature, animals, etc. Just because we see the world 
differently, it doesn’t mean that one person is wrong and another right. 
They are just different experiences and interpretations. If you, or someone you know, sees or senses the aura differently than 
what Pam has described here – always trust your own experience of the aura. That is what is right for you! You are each just having different 
experiences. Every person’s experience is valid.


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