Crystal - meditatorNew Year Resolutions for Crystal Aura Color Personalities (We can probably all benefit from this resolution – even if we’re not Crystals.)
You Crystals have clear auras and are often channels for healing energy. Being natural healers, your gift is to help people clear blockages, thereby enabling the person’s natural healing processes to take place. You Crystals are usually highly intelligent. You love to read books, watch movies, attend the theater — anything of social or cultural significance. You Crystals are also known as the “aura chameleons” – your auras can change colors to match those of the people around you. You then take on the characteristics, emotions, and thoughts of that color, which can cause you to feel confused and disoriented. You rare souls are often physically fragile. Because of your unusual sensitivity, you need to retreat often to be quiet and replenish. You often prefer to spend time alone, contemplating life and spirituality rather than spending time with others.
Resolution: I commit to keeping balanced and centered by spending quiet time in meditation to help me maintain a connection with a higher energy/Source and a sense of inner peace and harmony. I also commit to spending quality time in the world, while keeping a sense of self so I don’t become too isolated and disconnected from others.




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