New Year’s Resolution for Lavenders
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Lavender - girlYou Lavenders are gentle, free spirits who prefer to live by your feelings and intuition, rather than by your intellect. You Lavenders are not here to make a social statement, change the planet, or rescue others. You just want to be free to explore your imagination, be creative and experience other realities. Through your imaginative styles, you Lavenders have a unique ability to take people into fantasy worlds or other realms through art or writing or other creative works of art. You want to be free to move in whatever direction feels right at the time, and your directions change as often as the clouds do. Being forced to stay in your bodies can sometimes be physically painful for you Lavenders. You need to escape into dream worlds for the same reason that people need to sleep. It helps you relax and recuperate from the stress of the real world.
New Year’s Resolution: I commit to being more balanced this year. I will spend time in quiet meditation and time exploring my imagination, but I will also spend time being more grounded and practical. I commit to being more responsible, actually taking action on my ideas, and not avoiding the “real world.”


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