New Year’s Resolution for Tan Aura Color Personalities
Working businessmanYou Tans are practical, logical, and down to earth. People often appreciate your calm, levelheaded, and sensible nature. You’re usually loyal employees who pay your bills and make conservative, long-term investments. You value security and stability. You have the patience to think through all the details and calculate the steps you take in life. You Tans tend to keep your feelings to yourself and dislike drama, so you prefer partners who are reliable, calm, rational, and stable. Tans are often architects, engineers, bookkeepers, computer programmers, and such. You Tans can, however, get stuck in routine and therefore limit yourself and your life experiences. You are usually not risk takers and can be uncomfortable with change.
New Year’s Resolution:
I commit to exploring new ideas and concepts so that I can expand my thinking and therefore my experiences. I will take steps to change at least one significant thing in my life and explore more possibilities.


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