Dear Life Colors City Fans,

You are far grander than you realize. You are an infinite being. This doesn’t just mean you’ll have more freedom and greater abilities once you leave your physical body at the end of your life. You are an amazing being now with abilities that extend beyond what we’ve been taught are possible. Many of us are living proof that these advanced abilities are real, however, and that they’re natural. Developing these skills can ultimately create more freedom, compassion and joy in your life.

We’re going to learn more about these abilities, reveal why they are important, explore the science behind them, and discover how you can access them to improve your life. Join us to bring your life to a whole new level!

Pamala Oslie Presents
“Infinite You”
Live Workshop

at The Center of the Heart
Saturday, Oct. 5, 2013, 1:30-4:30 pm

Learn more and pre-register at

Discover how to
* Create using pure energy
* Use parallel universes to change your life
* Develop your sixth sense, telepathy and intuition
* See and feel energy fields (auras)
* See other (past) lives
* Talk to “the other side”


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