Red Aura Color Personality & Weight Issues

You Reds are usually very robust and physical and often found at the gym, so you typically stay healthy and fit. Your health problems are more often backaches from lifting too much, cut fingers from a butcher’s knife, burns from a fire, or exhaustion from physically overexerting.

You Reds can be strong-willed, sometimes stubborn and you refuse to be limited by other’s morals or versions of what is acceptable. You enjoy having a physical body. However, you can enjoy the physical pleasures of life so much that it is easy for you to drink or eat to excess; you can enjoy the sensual, animalistic pleasures of life a little too much. You love to indulge your appetites – food and alcohol top the list. So your weight issues are usually less about emotional issues and more about your tendency to stubbornly overindulge.

To stay physically healthy, you Reds may want to learn when enough is enough, when not to push things too far. It’s best to gauge your exuberance and learn to moderate your physical appetites. (And I acknowledge that you don’t like being told what to do.) It’s helpful for you Reds to find healthy outlets for your physical needs – working out, boxing, dancing, or working so hard that a beer or two at the end of the day will not have much of a negative effect on your body.

Many football players, professional weightlifters, dancers, athletes and physical trainers are Reds so you tend to stay in shape.

Sometimes you Reds are so focused on how your bodies look, however, that you go to the other extreme – being pampered, overspending on spas, facials and facelifts – and would never think of gaining extra pounds. You love looking sensuous and sexy. If exercise won’t get you into shape, you have no qualms about having surgery to fix the problem. Many Reds are comfortable with sensuous curves and can love being voluptuous and alluring.

Exercise and moderating all your different indulgences are your best tools to keep yourself healthy and happy. When your body is in great shape – you feel mentally and emotionally great.

If you want to know your aura colors, you can go and see how you can stay healthy and happy!! ; )


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