Safety Tips for Love Colors Online Dating

Love Colors Dating is designed for people who are genuinely interested in finding quality friendships, loving companions, and/or long-term life partners. We encourage Love Colors Dating members to commit time to learning more about themselves and others. We encourage giving careful thought to creating a sincere and thorough profile so the most compatible partner can be found. Take your time and do it right.

Love Colors Dating is dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing, and educational environment where you can grow as an individual and find love within a great community of people.

We encourage you to reach out and communicate with people via waves and emails. Take full advantage of our matching, coaching, and video services to assist you in your journey. And while we want you to have fun and enjoy the process, we also want you to be aware, be safe, and use common sense.

You and you alone are in control of when, and if, your personal information is ever shared with anyone on this site. Take your time to get acquainted with people in the Love Colors Dating community. Do not feel rushed or pushed to move forward with anyone, on any level or in any manner, until you feel comfortable, safe, and ready.

Love Colors Dating does not conduct background checks on the members or visitors of this website. Here are some important suggestions to protect your safety when meeting people on this site and in person:

Protect your identity
Do not use your real name, personal phone numbers, or any other personal identifying information until you are comfortable and feel safe doing so. It is always a safe choice to remain anonymous until you believe the time is right to share personal information.

Love Colors Dating uses secure technology that allows you to wave and email members without revealing any of your personal information.

We strongly recommend that you do not post your personal contact information in your profile. Do not use parts of your name, city of residence, or any other personal information in your user name. If you receive personal information (name, phone number, email address, etc.) from a member, remember that you are not obligated to use it or to offer your personal information in return. Do not share or pass on any member’s personal information.

If you choose to receive direct emails outside of Love Colors Dating, we encourage you not to use your regular email address. Set up a new email address that is used only for your online dating contacts. If you use a regular snail mail address, use a PO Box, not your street address.

Be aware of the impact your user name will have on your ability to attract a person who is genuinely interested in a relationship. Sexual connotations in your user name or email address on this site may discourage people from contacting you, or encourage the wrong element to contact you.

Blocking and Reporting
If you feel uncomfortable with anyone who is communicating with you on this site, or if you are receiving any questionable, abusive or threatening messages, immediately stop communicating and “block” the person. You may also report them to us by Contacting Us. Never send money to someone you meet online. If someone asks you for money, for whatever reason, do not do so please, report the situation to us via the “Report” button. If somebody is asking you, they may be asking others, and your report can help protect other members. To see some of the signs of a type of scam, read below. Beware of any person asking for money, donations, airline tickets, or any form of gift. Also, please report anyone suggesting that you link to a pay-to-view site or business phone number, offers to model, invitations to singles sites, or anyone attempting to sell any merchandise or service to you. Please report any such communication received to Love Colors Dating. Keep a record of your email conversations on this site. Love Colors Dating does not store copies of your correspondence after 30 days.

Safe Dating
Please act responsibly and safely when meeting someone. Whether you plan to meet a person in your home area or out of town, carefully consider these common-sense, cautionary steps:

Meet in a public place where other people are present. Do not meet at your home or the home of the person you are meeting. Do not reveal your hotel or home location.

If you are traveling to meet someone, stay in a hotel. Do not stay at the person’s home – especially on your first date.

If you stay in a hotel, use your mobile phone to contact your date to prevent disclosing your location via caller ID. Use your own transportation, or take a taxi, to get to your pre-arranged meeting site, or to and from the airport, train station, or bus station.

If your date wants to meet and greet you at the airport, you can let them know you appreciate their kind gesture, however, let them know ahead of time that you will not be joining them in their personal vehicle – especially on a first date.

Do not take valuables with you on a date. Leave them at home or in a hotel safe.

Notify friends or family members where and when you are meeting and when you plan to return. Tell your date that you have notified them.

Do your homework. Educate yourself about your date as much as possible before you meet. This is appropriate and it is your responsibility.

Be Aware of Instincts or Telltale Signs That Things are “Not Right”
If the other person can only meet or talk to you at odd hours, or talks in hushed tones, or has to get off the phone quickly, he or she may be keeping a secret (such as marital status).

Honesty is always the best policy. If a person cannot be honest with you or is hiding something, they are not worth your time.

Love Colors Dating is committed to protecting your privacy and safety. Because we do not require or conduct background checks for our members, we encourage members to do their own research on potential matches, including asking questions, using Internet search engines, using professional background checking services, and most importantly, using common sense. You and your date may wish to consider using such a service before you meet.

It is understandable for people to want to guard their privacy with people they don’t know, but if a person is vague or inconsistent in their answers, or offers many more questions than answers, you should be wary. If you are about to meet with someone, you should be able to ask and receive answers to your questions.

Be realistic – maintain good common sense. Do not rush into any arrangements. Allow time for the relationship to develop. If it is real, it will last. People can make costly and even dangerous mistakes by excitedly believing they have found love at first sight, or after having just a few conversations online. Take your time to really get to know the person.

Do not share your financial information. Beware of any solicitations. Be wary of anyone who discusses financial problems, losses, hardships, get-rich schemes, or other scams.

Here are some important suggestions to protect your safety when meeting people on this site and in person:

Love Colors Dating does not conduct background checks on the members or visitors of this website.

Do NOT send money at any time or for any reason to anyone! This is the number one reason why scammers are on Internet sites. Continue reading to see some of the more common fraudulent schemes used by scammers.

Nigerian Romance Scammers
They’re called Nigerian Romance Scammers because often they are Nigerian men posing as someone else (man or woman) on Internet dating sites. They use fake pictures and fake profiles to attract daters into a romantic relationship so that they can ask for money and/or goods. According to news reports it is a huge business.

Although it is impossible for online dating sites to proactively identify and eliminate scammers, we try our best. However, please be aware of these common characteristics of scammers and if you have any suspicions or any member asked you to send them money or goods (phones, computers, etc.), please report them to us immediately.

Common characteristics of scammers:
Profile Characteristics:

  • Their profile sounds “too good to be true.” Sometimes you will find typos in their profile, but this is not always the case. However, even if their profile spelling is perfect, their emails and messages will have more typos than you would expect from someone comfortable with the English language.
  • They look much younger and more attractive than you would expect for their age. Scammers often use photos of fashion models so all of their photos appear to be “staged.”
  • They often state their relationship status as “widowed” in order to gain sympathy from their victims.
  • Scammers typically list their location as affluent areas in the U.S. Many use Beverly Hills, Pasadena, and other affluent communities within a large city such as Los Angeles.

Message and Conversation Characteristics:

  • As opposed to exchanging emails on the site for some time, they immediately ask to move to an Instant Messenger chat program. If you suspect someone is a scammer and they asked to chat on another site or platform, tell them, “I don’t chat” and see if they suddenly lose interest in you. If they do – they are most likely a scammer that realized they could not engage you to the level they needed to for making a profit.
  • Scammers usually engage in conversation for several days before telling you that they are on a business trip overseas. Sometimes they will say they are working in Europe or are even working as an American civil engineer working on a road or building construction project in Nigeria. They will tell you that they will return in about a week or two and would like to meet you. However, when that time comes, either their trip will have been extended, or they will encounter an accident. Common themes include staying longer than expected, losing their wallet and having no money to return home; or being mugged, being in the hospital and needing money to be released and fly home. They ask you for money to help them get home to meet you ASAP. Some scammers may even ask for money to continue Internet access to be able to talk to you. They will try to get you to send anywhere between $100 and $500 per week to them.
  • If you do engage in an ongoing conversation with a scammer, they move into a romantic relationship VERY quickly. They will often tell you they love you within a few days and may even ask you to marry them within a week or two. They will engage many hours of your day and night talking with you to get you hooked into “needing” them.
  • If you speak with the scammer on the phone, please note their accent compared to what they say their nationality is. They often say they are from another country living in the U.S. But notice whether they have a Nigerian, Asian, or Russian accent. You can hear all of these accents on
  • Scammers will often ask you to Skype them because they want to see you and your expressions. But, they will use many excuses why they don’t have or can’t use a webcam so that you can see them. Our advice is that if they ask you to video chat with them, refuse to do so unless you see them on video chat first.
  • Asking for Money: When asking for money, scammers will request that money is sent via Western Union to a name but with a question and answer code. According to the Western Union website, this is because using the Q&A code eliminates the need for the recipient to show a picture ID to pick up the cash.
  • Anyone, and yes, we do mean ANYONE who asks you to send them money or products IS a scammer. No question. No doubt.
  • Although these are called Nigerian Romance Scams, the scammers can be from Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Thailand, The Philippines, Russia, or even other countries. You will know where the scammer lives because they will ask you to wire the money via Western Union to their location.

If you suspect you have encountered a scammer, contact us immediately! If they are trying to defraud you, they will try to defraud others. Please assist us in keeping this site safe.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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