Summer Activities for Tan Children: For parents with Tan aura color children, or for you Tans who wonder what to do with your summer vacation, here are some suggestions for interesting activities. Tans are typically quiet, responsible and tend to keep their feelings to themselves. They are often drawn to technology, mathematics, or science. So great places for Tans to spend their summer are computer camps where they can meet other Tans with similar interests. Taking field trips to astronomy observatories, science labs, space exploration facilities, behind the scenes at a special effects company, or even architectural firms can be interesting to Tans. Or depending on the age – finding an internship at one of these places can create great future opportunities for them. Tans love to take things apart and figure out how they work; or you can buy your Tans technological gadgets for them to work/play with. Depending on their ages – erector sets, building blocks, puzzles, train sets that they need to assemble can be fun ways for them to pass their time. Many Tans enjoy reading, so if you have a Tan who fits that description, they will often be in the corner quietly reading and not causing any trouble.


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