The Dot – You are More Amazing Than You Know – Part 2

The other two-dimensional beings ignore him and go about their business of moving back and forth, side to side, and around in circles. Although the excited dot tells them again and again how they are not limited to a simple existence on a flat piece of paper and that they can have a fuller life, the other dots don’t understand what he’s saying. They don’t understand the concept of “up and down.” It’s not part of their reality. They have never heard of such a thing, nor have they ever experienced it. And truthfully, they aren’t really interested in knowing about it: Going up and down sounds strange and too complicated. Plus, they are too busy moving back and forth on the piece of paper. Everything they know exists in their flat, two-dimensional world.

But the dot doesn’t give up. He wants others to have the same experience and taste the same freedom so he continues to share his story. Some of the dots finally become so irritated by him that they declare him a delusional troublemaker and send him off to the far side of the paper, hoping he will no longer be a bother.

A few of the other dots, however, become curious. They too have grown restless and dissatisfied with their limitations; they sense that possibly there is more to existence. Soon another two-dimensional dot decides to take a risk. She pauses for a moment and then leaps up and off the paper. Then another dot leaps . . . and another. The first dot was right, there is another dimension, and there is more to life! They can now leap up and down. They excitedly rush to share their experiences with the others. But the other two-dimensional dots still refuse to listen as they continue on with their lives.

(to be continued…) Excerpt from “Infinite You” by Pam Oslie


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