The Dot – You are More Amazing Than You Know – Part 3

One day, as the first dot leaps up off the paper, he pauses for a moment and looks down. He realizes he’s not just jumping up and down – he is up and down. He has height! He has height and depth and an inside and an outside. He’s not just a flat two-dimensional being. He’s not just a dot on a piece of paper jumping into a three-dimensional world. He is a three-dimensional being that exists in a three-dimensional world. He realizes that he had always been that and he had only been experiencing a portion of who he truly was. He now had a whole new world to explore as a liberated three-dimensional being.


Today, we perceive ourselves as three-dimensional beings. We’ve been taught that reality is three-dimensional—and in fact, this fits with what our physical senses tell us so usually we have no reason to question it. Everything we see in our world appears three-dimensional: with height, width, and depth. We can move back and forth, side to side, up and down, in and out. But . . . are we actually more than this? Do we have a limited perception of reality?

The astonishing truth is that you are not just a three-dimensional being.

You are an infinite and multidimensional being!

(to be continued…) Excerpt from “Infinite You” by Pam Oslie


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