The Dot – You are More Amazing Than You Know – Part 4

You are far grander than you realize. Being an infinite being doesn’t just mean you will have greater freedom and enhanced abilities once you escape your physical body at the end of your life. You are an unlimited being now, someone with amazing abilities that extend beyond the known, but limited, three dimensions we are so familiar with. These inherent skills exceed what most people believe is possible, and some would say they are impossible. Many of us are living proof, however, that these abilities are real. Like the first few dots to jump off of the paper, we’ve already been experiencing life beyond the accepted three-dimensional boundaries. And if some of us have these expansive talents, everyone has them.

We are evolving into a more highly developed species, one with a superior level of awareness and greater abilities. And I have proof. After decades of living with enhanced abilities, exploring spiritual principles, and delving into quantum physics, I’ve discovered that there is more to reality and who we are. I’ve also experienced much more freedom, love, and joy in my life because I’ve developed these advanced abilities. Because so many other people have been demonstrating unusual and advanced abilities as well, it’s time to reassess our definition of human being and live our greater potential here and now. So I’m sharing this information with you in the hope that it will inspire you to leap off the page and live a more amazing life.

In this series of blogs, we’ll be exploring some of these natural but advanced abilities and reveal how you can develop your own abilities.

(to be continued…) Excerpt from “Infinite You” by Pam Oslie


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