Violet Aura Color & Weight Issues

Although you Violets can put on weight for protection or because you are unfulfilled, you additionally have some unusual reasons for weight gain.

You are often sitting on or holding back your awesome power and energy – so it expands out like a balloon; suppressing your dynamic power can cause your body to literally grow larger.

Also because you Violets are leaders and you need to be seen – you subconsciously become bigger hoping someone will finally “see” who you are and what you are here to do. You sometimes become larger in order to be seen.

Or many of you Violets are “weighting” for your lives to change and finally feel free to live your big visions and purpose for being here.

If you hold back on your power and keep yourself from living your dreams, you typically become very unhappy, even depressed – which can give rise to either obesity or eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia.

Because you Violets are dynamic, charismatic, powerful leaders and visionaries, many people can misunderstand or feel threatened by you. To feel accepted by others, or to help people not feel threatened by you, many of you Violets put on weight to help others feel safe – to make people think you are just ordinary, just like them and not to be feared.

You Violets also can gain excessive weight because you feel a need for protection. Because Violets usually have a very passionate, often sexually attractive energy, they have the strongest history of being sexually abused as children. By becoming heavy, Violets feel they will be less appealing to those who would exploit them sexually.

It can be challenging for you Violets to go to therapy for your weight issues because – being visionaries, teachers, and natural therapists yourselves – you typically know more than the therapists. So you must trust what you know inside, often coming up with your own insights or therapy. Or if you do work with a therapist, it must be someone who is very powerful and deeply insightful. You Violets don’t want it to take years to get on with your lives. You often benefit more from life coaches who can help you move forward rather than spending years discussing your past.

Tips to let go of emotionally caused weight:
• Learn to feel safe with your own power and charisma.
• Trust your vision and your desire to live a big, important life.
• Understand that who needs to ‘see” you is you – to see, acknowledge, and accept yourself for who you really are.
• Do not fear being attractive – instead trust you are powerful enough to turn negative people away.
• Stop suppressing your powerful energy and start accomplishing your mission. You’re here to inspire others, to improve the quality of life here for others – not to be ordinary or play life safe.

Other practical steps Violets can take to stay healthy and balanced:
1) You Violets benefit from meditation so you can get in touch with your vision and life purpose. Then you need to take action on your dreams and visions.
2) It’s helpful for you to be around speakers, teachers, mentors or other dynamic Violets who are living their dreams so you feel it’s possible to live that large. Being around the energy or environment you want to live can help you believe and feel inspired to live at that same level. Otherwise, your visions can seem unrealistic and unattainable.
3) Listening to positive, empowering music or calming and centering music is also beneficial to you Violets. You are very affected by music. This can inspire you to go for your dreams, which means you no longer need the weight to hold you back or protect you from critics.

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