Violet children & summer vacation:

I know that summer is quickly coming to an end but you parents might still want some ideas of what to do with your kids if they’ve become bored or restless.

Every parent knows that each of their children has a different personality – even though they are all being raised with the same rules and guidelines. How can you help your child make the most of the summer vacation?

Here are some suggested activities:

Violets, even as children, are powerful, charismatic, advanced beyond their years, and ultimately deeply compassionate humanitarians. They need to be involved with projects that are bigger than them, that make a difference on the planet or give them an opportunity to perform. Otherwise they can become bored and restless or demanding and self-absorbed. Consider getting your Violet child involved in acting, film, music, art, writing, and most importantly causes and humanitarian projects. Travel is also great for Violets – so if your family can plan a trip that involves helping others, your Violet’s life will be greatly enhanced.


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