Violet/Green Aura Color Personality

If you are a Violet/Green aura color combination – there are some great, positive aspects to both sides of you. But there can also be some intense challenges with your different inner aspects.

With the Violet’s amazing vision and the Green’s ability to accomplish projects, there is little you cannot achieve when both sides work together. When Violet/Greens are balanced and in power, they can write, produce, and direct an entire movie almost single handedly. They can build financial empires that surpass most others. This combination, when you are balanced and “in power” is virtually unconquerable.

But because Green and Violet are two of the most dynamic and powerful Life Colors, they also create some of the fiercest battles when out of power. A Green is one of the only Life Colors that can successfully sabotage or hold back the charismatic Violet.

Violet/Greens are frequently afraid of their power, afraid their Green aspect will become insensitive and controlling and their Violet aspect will become arrogant. The Violet distrusts the Green’s aggressive, powerful nature, fearing it will scare away people. The Green distrusts the Violet’s vision, fearing that failure to manifest the vision will cause him to lose the respect of his peers.

This aspect doesn’t usually trust and therefore judges the Violet’s vision. The Green aspect wants to know how the Violet aspect plans to accomplish the project. If the Violet aspect is out of power, he can’t see the steps or describe the plan. He can see only the final picture. The Green challenges the dream, declaring it to be impractical, unrealistic, and full of pitfalls. He then lists all the reasons why it can’t work out: there isn’t enough money, training, or education; people won’t respond to it, they’ll think it’s foolish; it’s far too grandiose.

If the Green aspect talks the Violet aspect out of his dream, the person will become discouraged and depressed and ultimately will lose respect for himself and his “foolish” visions.

When the Violet aspect has a vision, he can’t allow the Green to reduce it to rubble. He must inspire the Green to come up with the plan to achieve the dream. A scattered Violet often sees too many potential visions, which can drive the Green crazy. The Green aspect wants order, discipline, and control. The Violet/Green would be wise to make a list of priorities, so that the Green feels that things are under control.

In power, Violet/Greens lead by example. They earn the respect of those around them by accomplishing their dreams.
Money can create an interesting dilemma for this combination. Although these Life Colors both want money, Greens desire it for the power and possessions it can buy and Violets want it for the freedom it gives. Violets can work only on projects they believe in. If the Green aspect wants to take on a job or project just for financial gain, this combination will experience conflict. Violet/Greens may sabotage the project or punish themselves for becoming involved in something they really didn’t want to do.

Deciding upon their life purpose is one of the strongest conflicts for Violet/Greens. Violets have a strong desire to help save the planet and to inspire humanity. Greens are more concerned with learning, accomplishing, and becoming financially successful. If Violet/Greens successfully create huge financial empires but nothing to help improve conditions on the planet, they will feel empty and unfulfilled. Violets’ dreams cannot be ignored. Both aspects need to be fulfilled.

The Green aspect often bargains with the Violet by promising to pursue the Violet’s vision “as soon as I am financially established and successful.” However, no matter how much money Greens acquire, sometimes it is never enough. Violet/Greens become more and more frustrated, caught between the desire to make more and more money and the urge to live their vision.

Violet/Greens must definitely be self-employed. They have too much vision and power to be limited by anyone. They must either create a profession that allows for financial success while accomplishing the vision of helping people or allow the two aspects to take turns.


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