Violet/Indigo aura color personality

(Many of you have now added Indigo into your aura, so this information can apply to you as well.)

Someone who has both Violet and Indigo in her/his aura can have some interesting strengths – and conflicts. With the Violet side’s visionary abilities and humanitarian qualities, the Violet is able to relate to the Indigo’s highly spiritual beliefs and priorities. The Violet side can see the future the Indigo side intuitively feels is coming. Indigos appear to be surrounding themselves with Violets who have the leadership ability, power, and strength to clear the way for the Indigo age. So if this person has both aura colors – he can support his own dreams and goals. They are usually both in alignment – so there is typically very little inner conflict.

The powerful Violet side clears the path, leading the way and keeping the Indigo side safe from people who are not supportive or in harmony with her spiritual ways. The Violet also believes in the same higher principles the Indigo does so there is not the typical inner conflict that some other color combinations can experience. This combination has tremendous potential for balance and success, provided the Violet side does not become so overpowering and dictatorial that the Indigo side ends up rebelling and sabotaging himself.

There are a few areas in which conflict could arise inside this person. The two sides have different beliefs about how to live in this world. The Violet side wants to take action, to do something important to make an impact on the world & improve people’s lives. The Indigo side believes she just needs to live by example and sees no need to “save” the planet. So often this person will not know if she should go out into the world and be seen, or quietly meditate and modestly create art or music at home.

The Indigo prefers to be alone and quiet, or connect with just a few intimate friends, bonding on a soul-to-soul basis with each. Where a Violet typically loves performing, surrounding herself with crowds, or going to a lot of important charity events, an Indigo rarely wants any of that. The Violet side often enjoys being the center of attention but the Indigo side prefers to stay anonymous and unseen.

If the person can stay centered, both sides can support each other’s needs and keep inner harmony by taking turns or finding a way to do both activities in moderation.

For the most part this aura color combination can create a highly spiritual and visionary life. Both Violets & Indigos have a curiosity about other cultures so this person would probably enjoy traveling. A Violet/Indigo combination usually has great compassion for people everywhere. What this color combination senses and sees as higher truth can broaden the horizons of many people. The Violet and the Indigo both search for truth and higher consciousness.

Balanced and in power, they both have an inner sense of what is needed on the planet and a desire to contribute each in his/her own way. If this person allows both sides to work together and allows both sides to win – to each have what they want, then this combination can create wonderful humanitarian projects or important life-changing work on the planet – even if it’s from a quiet place at home. Both Indigos and Violets want to bring peace, compassion, and spiritual enlightenment onto the planet – so their goals are in harmony with one another.


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