Violet aura color personalities are being challenged right now. Because it’s a Violet age, you Violets are in your power time. This is when you’re supposed to be “stepping up” – accomplishing your bigger purposes & visions. And you Violets are feeling it. You probably first heard your inner voice telling you something felt wrong – that you needed to change or do something different with you life. If you follow what it’s telling you, everything will some how work out. If you don’t listen to that inner voice, you will get a more obvious nudge or wake up call. If you don’t pay attention to that nudge – the wake up calls will get much louder! What is it going to take to get your attention – that something is wrong and your soul wants more?

About 90% of my clients these days are Violets! That’s huge! They’re feeling squeezed – most didn’t listen to that small inner voice. Now they’re coming in with depression, serious health issues, divorces, deaths, and other dramas. If you feel stuck or unsure how you’re going to accomplish your dreams, if you haven’t found a way to move forward, you’re most likely getting the rug pulled out from under you to make you move forward.

You Violets have always had big dreams. You need to live “outside the box.” It doesn’t matter if others don’t dream or envision that way – you do and there are reasons for that.

1) You didn’t want to be bored this lifetime – you wanted to have a bigger life, a more extraordinary experience. So what you do this lifetime needs to be extraordinary. The bigger challenges lead to the bigger payoffs. Bigger mountains to climb bring greater & more inspiring vistas at the top. And because you have so much compassion and depth to you (even if you’re currently frustrated with humanity – that’s common for Violets) you need to do something that improves the quality of life for others. You need to help or inspire people in a big way – to improve the quality of life for others. That is a tall order. If you get to the end of your life, or leave the planet without fulfilling your reason for coming here – you’ll most likely have regrets. (As much as you think you’ll be relieved to be done with the struggle – you’ll also wonder what this lifetime was about and if you could’ve done something else.)

2) You Violets typically would prefer not to “have to” come back to this plane, this planet again. You’ve had so many lifetimes – it can get boring, hard, or overwhelming here for you. This plane usually feels dense and tough to you. So you need to tie up all lose ends, resolve any issues you have with people, move through your frustration, not give up in hopelessness – because if you leave the planet that way, you’ll make yourself come back here again. (Belief systems aside – that is THE worse thing for a Violet to hear.)

Advice on how to move forward and live your potential:

1. First, listen to your inner voice

2. If you think you don’t know how to accomplish what that voice is telling you to do – imagine someone coming to you with the same dream and confusion, and see what you would advise them to do. You Violets are some of the world’s best advice-givers. You just need to listen to your own advice.

3. Be around people who are doing what you want to do, be around the energy of what you want to do with your life. It will make it more real for you. You pick up the energy of the environment around you. Chose the people & environment that will inspire you to believe in your vision – to see that it’s possible to achieve!

4. Violets benefit from mentors. Find people or at least read biographies about people (other Violets) who inspire you and then do what they did – or something similar. Did they have courage? Did they not give up on their dreams? Did they go the extra mile? Did they take it step by step – and eventually find themselves living their dreams? What inspires you about them? Be and act that same way.

5. Meditate – Violets need to have quiet time to connect with their vision and higher guidance. If you can’t sit still – take a walk, listen to inspirational or calming music, do something to quiet that critical voice so you can get out of your own way.

These are few steps to help you Violets live your purpose and your dreams. I have written so much more in my books Life Colors, Love Colors, and Make Your Dreams Come True. I have created guided imagery meditation CDs and MP3s. I’m doing what I can to support you Violets to live your passion and potential. Go for it! If you fall – just get up again. Giving up will lead to depression and self-disappointment. That’s worse than failing.


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