Welcome to Spring! What Can Your Personal Aura Colors Bring to This Season?

Spring represents new birth, new life, new creations, new commitments, new perspectives, and new growth! This is the perfect season to bring new life to your dreams. It’s the ideal time to plant seeds of your ideas into the fertile and lush energy of the universe that is all around you. It’s also the time to melt off the old limiting beliefs that have kept you frozen in your tracks, to let go of the past wounds and disappointments that have kept you suppressed. Just as nature shows optimism by bringing new life once again to the planet, you can follow the example and allow new life and renewed positive energy to arise in your life. Spring is here! New life is here!

Here are some thoughts on how each of your aura colors can help us usher in spring! I hope you read about each of the aura colors and the benefits each brings to the world. It’s helpful to understand and appreciate all souls on the planet. We each have our special gifts to offer. (If you don’t know your personal aura colors, you can take the quick quiz on www.LifeColorsCity.com.)

To Be Continued…


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