When I search on Love Colors Dating, I don’t get any results.

  • Check your profile to make sure your zip code information is correct.
  • Try a search with a broader geographic range. It may be that there are not many members in your specific area yet, so you may want to expand your search range to increase your options. You can find love anywhere!
  • Consider editing the qualities in your “Dating Preferences” – what you are searching for in your ideal partner. Go to “Settings” then edit your dating preferences.

If you are open to dating and meeting many people, keep your Preferences more general – selecting “not important” more often than not. Then you will probably receive more matches.

If your preferences are very specific or too detailed, you may not receive many or any matches. However, if you are absolutely certain you only want your perfect partner with those exact qualities and nothing less, then keep your preferences very specific. You may need to be patient for that exact match.


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