Yellow Aura Color & Weight Issues

You Yellows are fun loving, youthful personalities and usually the healthiest people on the planet. You usually look and feel younger than your actual age. Your positive, light-hearted attitude as well as your natural love of exercise and nature helps you live longer and healthier lives. (If you are a combination such as a Yellow/Blue, however, you may experience conflict around exercising since Blues don’t like to work out.) Because Yellows express themselves more physically than most of the other aura color personalities, when you are unhappy or unfulfilled it can quickly show up in your health and physical body. That’s how you get the Yellows’ attention – mess with their health.

Yellows are sensitive and can get their feelings easily hurt. You can become insecure, fearful, even withdrawn. You don’t like conflict or facing problems, so one way you hide out and avoid or stuff your issues is to develop unhealthy addictions – drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate, sweets and/or overeating. Yellows are actually the most addictive personalities of the aura colors. If you Yellows feel disliked, you can put on weight for protection or to hide from the outside world. Or you good-natured Yellows can add weight to help others feel safe around you – “I’m just a simple and good person, not here to hurt or displease you. You are safe being around me.” (Yellows often use humor for protection and to deflect criticism.)

Another issue for you Yellows is you’re such “Peter Pans” – you usually don’t know what you want to be when you grow up and often put on weight because you feel lost, confused and unfulfilled. People often pressure Yellows to “grow up” – words that can dishearten and hurt the childlike Yellows. You may turn to food or drink as a security blanket, pacifier or something that can “numb” your feelings.

The following is what keeps Yellows healthy and fit.

1) Exercise is at the top of the list! Staying physically active always helps a Yellow. Spending time in nature is especially therapeutic for Yellows. You are the ones who love and need to exercise.

2) Avoid the negative addictions – in all their forms. (Good luck telling a Yellow what to do, I know – but if you Yellows are happy and fulfilled, you naturally gravitate toward the healthy addictions like exercise, rather than drugs, food, and alcohol.)

3) Keep a sense of humor. If you Yellows can laugh and make others happy, you can survive anything. This can also help you feel better about yourself, which can motivate you to lose weight.

Bottom line, Yellows need to enjoy life, to have fun, to connect with nature, and to make others happy. Staying optimistic, physically active, and facing your fears can help you avoid weight problems.


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