YELLOW/GREEN Aura Color Personality – Strengths & Inner Conflicts

Many of you Yellows have added Green in your aura to accomplish your dreams, so you’re not really a Yellow/Green combination. However, the same issues, strengths and inner conflict listed here will still apply to you because you have both colors in your aura now.

When in power and balanced, you Yellow/Greens have the capability ofbeing a creative success. Being highly intelligent when your Green aspect is in power, and abundantly creative when your Yellow is in power, this combination can create almost anything. You Yellow/Greens are some of the best writers or inventors on the planet. You can also have a sharp and witty sense of humor. Out of power, however, this personality type can have the most severe inner conflicts of all the Combination Colors.

This combination usually prefers to be self-employed because both Greens and Yellows hate being told what to do. Greens operate better when they are in charge, and Yellows prefer the flexibility of having their own schedules. However, business is an area in which inner conflicts can arise. Greens are usually workaholics, believing people must dedicate themselves to long hours of hard work to be successful. Your Green doesn’t know how to relax. Yellows do not like to work hard, preferring instead to play and enjoy their lives. Yellows must see their work as play. It must be fun or creative, or they quickly lose interest. It is easy for Yellows to change careers; Greens believe people must commit themselves to a certain course until they have accomplished their goals. Yellow and Green aspects can also wage quite a war over completing projects. If Yellow/Greens procrastinate or don’t reach their goals, they lose respect for themselves, believing they are irresponsible and incapable of success.

Yellow/Greens want to have a lot of money, but they don’t want to work hard for it. Winning the lottery, gambling, or inheriting large sums of money appeal to Yellow/Greens.

Greens consider financial wealth and prosperity major priorities. Yellows are usually overly generous and irresponsible with money — you spend it almost before you get it. These individuals commonly struggle with money until they are centered and in power. Unfulfilled Greens can compensate by spending a lot of money; Yellows allow money to slip through their fingers.

Greens like to make plans and act quickly. Yellows like to be spontaneous and easygoing. The compulsive Green side writes lists of things to do, but the Yellow side, which rebels against lists, soon loses it. Greens take life seriously and can worry about everything, especially money. Yellows don’t take anything seriously and believe everything will work out just fine. People with this Color Combination often feel they have two people inside them who are fighting for dominion.

For Yellow/Greens to achieve inner harmony, both aspects must have what’s important to them. The Yellow aspect must have time to relax, play, exercise, and take vacations. Though the workaholic Green is afraid the Yellow won’t ever want to work again, the Yellow aspect usually does return with increased energy and renewed creativity. The only way Yellows will fully cooperate with Greens is if Yellows enjoy the work that has been chosen. Work must either be fun, creative, or healing or allow a flexible schedule. Yellow/Greens must learn to achieve a balance between having free time and being mentally stimulated, between being creative and making money, and between having friends and spending time alone.

The Yellow can help the Green accomplish a goal by giving him creative ideas and solutions, by not procrastinating, and by learning to make commitments. The Yellow needs to believe in the Green’s ability to accomplish anything he puts his mind to. The Yellow must learn to use his incredible energy to help the Green take action. By bringing in the Yellow sense of humor, he can also keep the Green aspect from excessive worry and anxiety.

Your Green side should not push or criticize your Yellow side so hard that you develop back problems (“get off my back”). You should decide what you want to accomplish, make a plan, and then listen to your Yellow’s creative ideas. The Green side needs to keep the Yellow away from negative addictions through self-discipline.

Without cooperation and balance between the two aspects, Yellow/Greens will be in constant inner conflict and will stop themselves from accomplishing or enjoying life. Yellow/Greens who are centered and in power not only enjoy their work and play, but also make the desired amount of money. They accomplish goals while not taking life too seriously. You can be a dynamic, powerful, energetic, and creative force.

Examples of Yellow/Greens: David Letterman and Lucille Ball.


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