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    Black/African decent

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    ANOMALOUS, in MOST areas of life!

    I’m the type who likes the “B4” photo in a weight loss ad! πŸ™‚

    I am an “OLD” soul.

    I’m an INFJ (Myers-Briggs), which, they say is only 1% of the population. Well, knowing myself, & my UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE on life, I would say that sounds about right!

    I am PASSIONATE & INTENSE, thanks 2 the ABUNDANCE of Scorpio (ascendant, my chart RULER, VENUS-the planet of LOVE, Jupiter & Neptune) in my natal chart. I love HARD & DEEPLY! I give my ENTIRE BEING & FOCUS 2 U & our relationship, our SOUL BOND.

    I offer u crucial INTANGIBLE gifts. I will LISTEN 2 u, RARE these days. I will COMFORT u, & give u much ACCEPTANCE & UNDERSTANDING, no matter the issue. I will lavish u with ATTENTION!

    U will be my NUMBER 1 PRIORITY, coming b4 ALL OTHERS! I will also be YOUR NUMBER 1 PRIORITY, coming b4 ALL OTHERS as well!

    I am very “touchy-feely”, so I will give u PASSIONATE AFFECTION daily! πŸ™‚

    I have the gift of SPIRITUAL ILLUMINATION, & I’m an “old” soul, & there-4, I’m blessed with the ability 2 “read between the lines”, and get 2 the DEEP CORE of situations & issues, & can be of GREAT BENEFIT 2 u, in helping 2 “shed LIGHT” on the underlying psychology of manifestations. I will help bring out your BEST, most AUTHENTIC self, & ENCOURAGE u 2 be who u REALLY r!

    I will give u MUCH “food 4 thought”, as I LOVE 2 philosophize, & my viewpoint on MOST things tends 2 be quite UNIQUE! U will RELISH your mind being stimulated!

    COMMUNICATION is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE, DAILY, & THROUGHOUT the rest of our lives. We will both CO-CREATE an atmosphere of ACCEPTANCE & UNDERSTANDING, so that both of us feels comfortable revealing ANY & EVERYTHING! I want us 2 be as close 2 human beings possibly CAN BE, leaving “no stone unturned”! BARE YOUR SOUL 2 me, as I will 2 u as well!

    I don’t “work”, in the TRADITIONAL sense, BUT, I DO “work” on my music (I “create” smooth INSTRUMENTAL music, & have amassed quite a catalog of compositions over the years…nearing 600…MUSIC is 1 of my GREATEST PASSIONS), CONSTANTLY & CONSISTENTLY, & I am ALWAYS STUDYING my numerology, astrology (& various OTHER temperament/personality typing systems, like Myers-Briggs (INFJ), Enneagram (4-Romantic/Individualist with a 5 Wise Thinker “wing”, making ME the BOHEMIAN, aura colors (Crystal/Lavender…I’ve been studying numerology & astrology, DEEPLY, since 1995), & my spiritual “stuff”, constantly gaining NEW INSIGHTS, as it is never-ending!

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    Things I am looking for in a person are:

    U r the female “YANG” 2 MY MALE “yin”!

    EVERYTHING that I DESIRE, u NATURALLY DO, & WANT 2 do, of your OWN ACCORD, & vice versa! Your GREATEST JOY in life is 2 GIVE ALL of the things that I DESIRE 2 RECEIVE!

    We fit 2gether like 2 PERFECT “puzzle pieces”! Neither 1 of us has 2 change, or try 2 “squeeze” a “square peg” in2 a “round hole”! Our “pieces” EASILY & EFFORTLESSLY “snap in place”, forming the perfect “fit”, as U & I r “perfect” 4 EACH OTHER, in EVERY WAY IMAGINABLE! πŸ™‚

    U r the “cereal” 2 MY “milk”, the “pancakes” 2 MY “syrup”, the “burger” 2 MY “fries”! πŸ™‚

    U completely “get” & FEEL my anomalous soul, even from what I’m NOT writing here.

    U r perfectly fine with being the SOLE BREADWINNER, & the practical 1 in our relationship, & u actually PREFER it this way, as your NATURAL ENERGY is well suited 4 this “role”, & u RELISH all that I bring 2 u OTHERWISE, as it all “fills YOUR ‘cup’ ” PERFECTLY!

    I don’t work, in the traditional sense, as “regular” jobs don’t work 4 me, & I’ve discovered that my crystal aura soul, as well as my master number 11 spiritual illuminator soul, r NOT MEANT 4 the regular “9-to-5” life. My spirit is on an “inner” journey, and my highly-sensitive nature NEEDS u 2 be my financial “rock”, so that I can fully “blossom”, as my spirit is stifled when I focus on the material world. I feel that once U & I “lockdown” our SOUL BOND, that my NATURAL talents & “gifts” will flourish even MORE, & will be GUIDED 2 where they belong in this earthly incarnation, but there is NO PRESSURE, as u r FINE with me AS IS, whether I ever make a cent or not, as u can EASILY take care of BOTH of us, as u r ALREADY in your “niche”, making good money)!

    U will, there-4, support me financially COMPLETELY & EFFORTLESSLY with JOY!

    I want a SYNERGISTIC RELATIONSHIP, where I can count on u 2 take care of all of my material needs, & I will take care of all of your emotional needs, & it is completely dependable & MUTUALLY EMPOWERING 4 BOTH OF US!!!

    U’re ready 2 go as deep, & be as close as humanly possible, merging MIND, BODY & SOUL, in a deep, soulmate, twin flame BOND.

    Your intuition IMMEDIATELY tells u that I’M “him” 4 u!

    Your heart KNOWS that u r my “1”!

    Welcome home, baby! πŸ™‚

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    Astrology, Music, Spirituality/Religion, Wine Tasting, Writing

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    Exercise 3-4 times a week

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    Not important

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    Spiritual but not religious

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    City, Ocean